Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my customer come and browse/shop without me being with them? +

We prefer you are with your customer; however, we will help them if you cannot accompany them on their visit. You must call us ahead of time and let us know your customer is coming.

2. Do you ship product from your showroom? Do you deliver? +

No, we do not ship or arrange shipping for items purchased off our floor. We do have companies we recommend to deliver or ship items for you.

3. Can my customer pay you directly? +

No. Our transactions are with our to-the-trade customers.

4. Can I place an order over the phone? +

We must have all orders in writing either by filling out the Product Form or by email.

5. Can I call and give you my credit card over the phone for payment? +

We must have authorization to charge your card. Therefore, we need you to complete a credit card authorization form or use our bill pay link on the bottom of invoices and acknowledgements.

Order Policies & Procedures

1. How long can an item be out on approval? +

We offer a 3-day approval to the trade.

2. How long can an item be on reserve? +

We offer a 2-day reserve to the trade.

3. What are your payment terms for off the floor sales? +

Invoice is due upon receipt.

4. How do special orders work? +

50% deposit is required to process special orders. The balance plus shipping is due when the order ships. All orders are custom orders; therefore, no cancellations or refunds are possible once manufacturing has commenced. Darnell & Company is not responsible for any damage incurred during shipment. Prices are subject to change without notice.

5. Do you accept credit cards? +